Our unique water features are active water sculptures designed in copper, brass, and stainless steel. Ideal for courtyards, lobbies and atriums, the Dripping Tree sounds like a gentle rain. 

Imagine a copper tree, with water softly dripping from the tips of over 300 branches, as the centerpiece in your garden or atrium.




Made entirely of copper, with a stainless steel base, the DrippingOak Fountain Sculpture is the ideal water feature for courtyards, lobbies, and atriums. The sound is quiet and unobtrusive, like a gentle rain, permitting conversation at close proximity. In an outdoor setting, the copper will continue to achieve a soft verdi gris patina. The tree, at left, measures approximately 81" x 60" (above water level) and can be scaled to fit the selected environment.





DrippingMaple©2006, California residence

DrippingMaple©2006  without the water flowing. This sculpture is 90 inches tall and 110 inches wide. It sits in its own granite basin of water which gently overflows into the infinity edge swimming pool. Sometimes the owner just leaves the water turned off and enjoys the reflections in the still water.



MemorialOak©2008 is a public art piece in welded wire in the DrippingTree style. Stainless steel leaves are engraved with names and the sculpture is in memorium of the deceased members of the Garden Club of St. Martinville, Louisiana.





DrippingOak©2011 is the centerpiece of a swimming pool at a private residence in Kerrville, Texas.

DrippingOak©2011 at Sunset